Sunday, 23 February 2014

Transnational struggle for workers' rights!

Gajewska, Katarzyna (2014) 'Transnational struggle for workers’ rights and missing domestic links: the case of Japanese activists’ involvement in the Toyota Philippines dispute', Global Labour Journal, Vol.5/1: 68-85. [download]

Analysing Union Power against GATS!

McGuire, Donna (2014) 'Analysing Union Power, Opportunity and Strategic Capability: Global and Local Union Struggles Against the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)', Global Labour Journal, Vol.5/1: 45-67. [download]

The Green Economy!

Cock, Jacklyn (2014) 'The "Green Economy": A Just and Sustainable Development Path or a "Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing"?', Global Labour Journal, Vol.5/1: 23-44. [download]

Temporary Agency Worker Organizing!

Choudry, Aziz and Mostafa Henaway (2014) 'Temporary Agency Worker Organizing in an Era of Contingent Employment', Global Labour Journal, Vol.5/1: 1-22. [download]