Saturday, 3 December 2016

Marcel Paret about the Official Union Narratives of Community Protests in South Africa

Marcel Paret (2015) Failed Redistribution or Failed Administration? Official Union Narratives of Community Protest in South AfricaPolitikon: South African Journal of Political Studies 42(3): 345-366.

Marcel Paret and Guadalupe Aguilera on Migrant Protests in California in 1990-2010

Marcel Paret and Guadalupe Aguilera (2016) Golden State Uprising: Migrant Protest in California, 1990-2010Citizenship Studies 20(3-4): 359-378.

Marcel Paret and Shannon Gleeson on Precarity, Agency and Migration

Marcel Paret and Shannon Gleeson (2016) Precarity and Agency through a Migration LensCitizenship Studies 20(3-4): 277-294.

Marcel Paret on Precarious Class Formation in the the USA and South Africa

Marcel Paret (2016) Precarious Class Formations in the United States and SouthAfrica, International Labor and Working Class History 89(Spring): 84-106.

Marcel Paret on the Politics of Solidarity and Agency in an Age of Precarity

Marcel Paret (2016) Politics of Solidarity and Agency in an Age of Precarity. Global Labor Journal 7(2): 174-188.

Marcel Paret on a Precarity Agenda

Marcel Paret (2016) Towards a Precarity Agenda, Global Labor Journal 7(2): 111-122. 

Peter Waterman on Dutch Trade Union Solidarity

Peter Waterman (2016) ‘A Coffee-Table Book on Dutch ‘Trade Union Solidarity’, Working Paper, No 46 (forthcoming). Amsterdam: International Institute for Research and Education.

Kim Scipes commentary on the results of the US presidential elections

Kim Scipes (2016) Reflections on the "Apocalypse",

Justyna Kajta and Adam Mrozowicki on Trade Union Strategies in the FCA Poland plant

Kajta, Justyna, Mrozowicki, Adam (2016) Trade Union Strategies in a Time of Economic Crisis: the Case of a Car Assembly Plant in Poland, CPS Working Paper Series 2016/4, CEU Centre for Policy Studies, Budapest.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Andreas Bieler on the struggle for public water in Italy

Bieler, Andreas (2015) 'Sic Vos Non Vobis' (For You, But Not Yours): The struggle for public water in Italy, Monthly Review, Vol.67/5: 35-50.

Andreas Bieler and Chun-Yi Lee on the forms of resistance in the electronics and IT sectors in China

Bieler, Andreas and Chun-Yi Lee (2016) Exploitation and Resistance: A Comparative Analysis of the Chinese Cheap Labour Electronics and High-Value Added IT Sectors, Globalizations (available online first)

A.Mrozowicki and M.Maciejewska on union strategies and labour market segmentation in Poland

Mrozowicki, Adam, Maciejewska, Małgorzata (2016) Segmentacja rynku pracy, prekaryjne zatrudnienie a strategie związków zawodowych na poziomie branżowym: przypadek Polski [Segmented labour market, precarious employment and trade unions’ strategies at the sectoral level: the case of Poland]Prakseologia 158 (1): 361-391.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Jenny Chan, Pun Ngai and Mark Selden on the Lives of Chinese Workers

Jenny Chan, Ngai Pun, and Mark Selden (2016) Dying for an iPhone: the Lives of Chinese Workers, Chinadialogue, 15 April 2016.

Huw Beynon and Terry Austrin on Sam Watson and Power Relations in the British Labour Movement in the Forties and Fifties

Huw Beynon and Terry Austrin (2015) The Performance of Power: Sam Watson and Miners ‘ Leader on Many Stages (with Terry Austrin) Journal of Historical Sociology, Vol. 28 Issue 4, pp. 458-490.

Huw Beynon's Response to the Reviewers of Working for Ford

Huw Beynon (2016) Book Review Symposium on Working for Ford – “a Response”, Work Employment and Society, Vol 30 (1) pp. 181-191.

Beyond Fordism: Huw Beynon's Entry in the Sage Handbook of the Sociology of Work and Employment

Huw Beynon (2016) Beyond Fordism, in S. Edgell, H. Gottfried and E. Granter (eds.) The Sage Handbook of the Sociology and Work and Employment, Sage, pp. 306-328.

Huw Beynon on Striking on the British Coalfields 1984-85

Huw Beynon (2015) When all Hell Breaks Loose: Striking on the British Coalfields 1984-85, in M. Dawson, B. Fowler, D. Miller and A. Smith (eds.) Stretching the Sociological Imagination: Essays in Honour of John Eldridge, Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 65-82.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Richard Hyman on the Democracy at Work

Richard Hyman (2016) "The Very Idea of Democracy at Work", Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research, Vol. 22, no. 1,pp. 11-24.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Mateusz Karolak on the Social Remittances and Return Migration to Poland

Mateusz Karolak (2016) From Potential to Actual Social Remittances? Exploring How Polish Return Migrants Cope with Difficult Employment Conditions, "Central and Eastern European Migration Review", online first.

A.Mrozowicki, P. Stewart and V.Zentai on Critical Labour Studies in Western and Eastern Europe

Mrozowicki, Adam, Stewart, Paul, Zentai, Violetta (2015) "Critical Labour Studies in Hungary, Poland and the UK: Between crisis and revitalisation", Forum Socjologiczne, Special Issue (Number One): Social boundaries and meanings of work in the 21st century capitalism, ed. by Mrozowicki, Adam, Kolasińska, Elżbieta, Róg-Ilnicka, Joanna, Wrocław: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego, pp. 19-34.

Carl-Ulrik Schierup on Migration, Precarity and People Power in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Carl-Ulrik Schierup (2016) "Under the Rainbow: Migration, Precarity and People Power in Post-Apartheid South Africa", Critical Sociology, published online before print January 21, 2016.