Sunday, 3 May 2015

A.Mrozowicki on the renewal of the sociology of work in Poland

Mrozowicki, Adam (2015) Socjologia pracy w Polsce – perspektywy odbudowy subdyscypliny (Sociology of work in Poland: the perspectives for the subdiscipline's renewal) , Humanizacja pracy 1(279): 13-29.

Ch.Tilly and M.Kennedy on a new direction for worker protections in the U.S. workplaces

Ch.Tilly, M. Kennedy. 2014. Latin America’s “Third Left” Meets the U.S. Workplace: A Promising Direction for Worker Protection?, University of California Irvine Law Review, 539.

Ch.Tilly, la Garza,J.L.Gayosso and H.Sarmiento on self-organised informal workers

Chris Tilly, Enrique de la Garza, José Luis Gayosso, Hugo Sarmiento. 2014. Los trabajadores que se organizan en la plaza: Contra-movimiento de una fuente inesperada. Economía Crítica 18, Fall.

Ch.Tilly and D. Denham on formal and informal work in Mexico

Chris Tilly, Diana Denham. 2015. Converging divergences in formal and informal work: Longitudinal evidence from Mexico, Global Labour Journal 6(1).