Saturday, 3 December 2016

Marcel Paret and Shannon Gleeson on Precarity, Agency and Migration

Marcel Paret and Shannon Gleeson (2016) Precarity and Agency through a Migration LensCitizenship Studies 20(3-4): 277-294.

Abstract: This special issue leverages the migrant experience to better understand precarity and agency in the contemporary world. By way of introduction, we examine the broader bodies of literature on precarity and agency, relate them to research on migration, and link them to the contributions in the special issue. Laying a foundation for further research, we illuminate three approaches to study the precarity–migration–agency nexus: an industry-specific approach, a sending country/deportee approach, and a collective action approach. We conclude with a critical analysis of freedom and national borders, considering the ‘open borders’ movement, postnational citizenship, and opposition to marketization.