Monday, 8 February 2016

Mateusz Karolak on the Social Remittances and Return Migration to Poland

Mateusz Karolak (2016) From Potential to Actual Social Remittances? Exploring How Polish Return Migrants Cope with Difficult Employment Conditions, "Central and Eastern European Migration Review", online first.

Abstract; The aim of this paper is to examine individual social remittances in the sphere of employment, against the background of the changing employment patterns and flexibilisation of work. Through an analysis of life stories of post-accession return migrants from the UK to Poland, it investigates the way in which returnees’ work experience gathered abroad impacts on their perception of employment standards in general. The revealed differences are understood as ‘potential social remittances,’ i.e. the discrepancies acknowledged by returnees between the realities experienced during emigration and after their return (in this case to Poland). It is argued that the actualisation of the ‘potential social remittances’ depends on return migrants’ coping strategies as well as on the institutional and structural settings in returnees’ home country. The four main distinguished strategies are: re-emigration, activism, adaptation and entrepreneurship.