Monday, 14 November 2011

Global Labour Journal, Vol.2/3!

The latest issue of the Global Labour Journal is now available at

'Theorizing International Trade Unionism', by Keith Abbott

'Columbian Labour, Globalization and a Ray of Hope', by James Rochlin

'Building Informal Workers Agenda: Imagining "Informal Employment" in Conceptual Resolution of "Informality"', by Supriya Routh

Review of Ari Sitas' 'The Mandela Decade1990-2000: Labour, Culture and Society in Post-Apartheid South Africa', by Devan Pillay

Review of Andreas Bieler and Ingemar Lindberg's 'Global Restructuring, Labour and the Challenges for Transnational Solidarity', by Edward Webster

'Labour's Response to Climate Change', by Jacklyn Cock