Friday, 1 February 2013

Work and Employment Relations in a Globalized World

Pries, Ludger and Martin Seeliger (2013) Work and Employment Relations in a Globalized World: The Emerging Texture of Transnational Labour Regulation’, Global Labour Journal, Vol.4/1: 26-47.



While globalization has led to what can – with reference to Karl Polanyi – be referred to as a disembedding of the labour market from its nationally segmented settings, recent decades bring about a development identifiable as a ‘countermovement’. As the text shows, drawing on the example of European Works Councils and International Framework Agreements, this process of ‘re-embedding’ takes place through a network of different measures of labour regulation. It is for this reason that establishing a relational perspective on cross-border phenomena in the field of labour relations can count as a central future aim in this strand of research.