Sunday, 24 March 2013

Globalization and the erosion of the Nordic model.

Bergholm, Tapio and Andreas Bieler (2013) 'Globalization and the erosion of the Nordic model: A Swedish–Finnish comparison', European Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol19/1: 55-70. 


In 1990 Swedish employers ended peak-level bargaining, while in 2007 the Finnish employers’ confederation withdrew from the tripartite bargaining system. This article compares the two events, examining the underlying dynamics of class struggle and in particular the shift in structural power resulting from the transnational organization of production. We argue that the far lower degree of transnationalization in Finland explains why the attack on the established class compromise happened much later than in Sweden and has been less successful.

For a discussion of several themes, investigated in the article, see Globalisation and the erosion of the Nordic model