Saturday, 13 December 2014

Peter Waterman on international labour movement.

Waterman, Peter (2014) The international labour movement in, against and beyond, the globalized and informatized cage of capitalism and bureaucracy, Inteface 6(2):35-58.

Abstract: Six questions and answers address the present crisis of the hegemonic, Europe-based and Western-centric international trade union organisations, the impact of globalisation, neo-liberalisation, informalisation and informatisation on labour internationalism, the experiences and possibilities of informal/alternative kinds of labour internationalism, and the significance of labour solidarity with Palestine.
Much scepticism is expressed concerning the capacities and possibilities of the traditional trade union internationals. But this is also the case with the union presence within the World Social Forum. Attention is drawn to certain alternative international(ist) labour movement initiatives, mostly marked by networking forms. And the challenges facing a new labour internationalism are considered with respect to the Palestinian case.