Sunday, 5 March 2017

Adam Mrozowicki and Malgorzata Maciejewska on radical unions in Poland

Adam Mrozowicki and Małgorzata Maciejewska (2017) ‘The practice anticipates our reflections’ – radical unions in Poland", Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research 23(1): 67-77.
Abstract: In the context of the debates on the future of trade unionism, this article explores the strategies, tools and tactics of two, small radical unions in Poland, the All-Poland Workers’ Trade Union Confederation of Labour and the All-Poland Trade Union Workers’ Initiative. The analysis of both cases, based on research undertaken by the authors in 2010–2016, demonstrates that, even in the unfavourable legal context, it is possible to organise workers regardless of their employment status and forms. In this respect, the exploration of the strategies and tools of radical unions helps to understand the role of grass-roots workers’ agency in provoking organisational changes within the trade union movements in increasingly difficult structural and institutional conditions.