Friday, 7 April 2017

Kim Scipes on the Programme Addressing Climate Change

Kim Scipes (2017) Addressing Seriously the Environmental Crisis: A Bold, “Outside of the Box” Suggestion for Addressing Climate Change and other Forms of Environmental Destruction, Class, Race and Corporate Power 5(1).

Abstract: Recognizing the severity of the environmental crisis facing humans across the planet, while focusing on the United States, this paper proposes a program that addresses the environmental crisis while providing for economic security for all Americans. It revolves around a drastic reduction of production, and a corresponding limiting of work by each person. It develops and put forth principles that any alternative program must advance, and specifically discusses the rationale for the program presented. In short, while not sure this program would ever be adopted, nonetheless, it is advanced to stimulate further thinking as to how human beings across the planet can mobilize to stave off the existential crisis we all face.